Taking into account the increasing prices of property and office space rental prices in London, having a company office becomes more and more of a financial strain, reaching up to £16,000 a year! A limited company might not always need an office, but it will still require an official address. A business registered at home might seem as a good idea financially and logistically, however more often than not, implications outweigh benefits of such a solution.

Having a prestigious address will increase your company’s credibility. Your business can be registered at Team@One offices’ address, increasing your market appeal and giving you international presence. It will also keep your residential address secure, as all company information provided to Companis House in the registration process will be made public.

Additionally, when official correspondence addressed to your company arrives, it will be handled by our professional team according to your instructions and preferences.

Virtual Office means:

  • Ability to have your company registered in London
  • Official Director’s Service Address
  • Official correspondence handling and mail forwarding
AUTHOR: Neadoo