When entering a foreign market, a well prepared business strategy is necessary. It is easier in the case of a well-established enterprise which is able to invest, find partners, rent an office or a warehouse, hire employees and create the sales network fairly quickly. This is a dream scenario, but unfortunately it is also quite costly and not available to many.

It is very difficult to fill in the foreign market niche without understanding the market demand. It is not uncommon to miscalculate the time frame to achieve your sales and development goals without understanding economic and cultural variables of the new business place. The acumen of Polish people, business environment and business strategies is key to avoid that risk.

Team@One’s business consultants grew out of that Polish culture and can walk you through its red tape, offering the best solutions. They are ready to share their knowledge and experience as well as their strong business relationships with legal and accounting offices, consulting companies and various service providers to help you excel your business.

Designed especially for each company’s needs, our virtual office can offer a wide range of tools and support indispensable on your way to successfully expanding onto the Polish market:

  • Polish market laws and rules, and specific regulations interpretation
  • Licenses and concessions
  • Writing Polish business plans and obtaining funds
  • Polish market research
  • Telemarketing
  • Customer service and support
  • Managing online store
  • Obtaining business partners
  • Negotiating contracts and agreements
  • Searching for offices, stores, warehouses

We can also provide a serviced Polish landline number for contact with your clients and Polish counterparts. It is a strong advantage in reaching out to your customers, building trust and strong relationship with your partners.

At Team@One we know the Polish market and we know how to overcome the challenges of the Polish market.

AUTHOR: Neadoo