According to the most recent census data reports, out of 104 different languages spoken in the UK, Polish is the second most common in the UK. This mounts up to as much as 546 thousand, over 1% of 56 million potential customers in Great Britain. Moreover, Poland’s 38-million strong consumer market is one of the biggest in Europe. According to Bloomberg Rankings 2013 Poland is the best CEE country for business.

Although many Polish entrepreneurs can get by and communicate in English, even after many years of practice it will still remain their second language. In our view, a communicative level of English is not sufficient when it comes to business talk. Small misunderstandings during a business meeting or when negotiating a contract can lead to unnecessary costs or even to losing a client.

This is why, at Team@One we cooperate with business interpreters and translators, specialising in various fields. Not only are they fluent in both English and Polish, but are also business wise and can walk you through Polish business mind set and culture. This can be an invaluable help when the success of closing a deal is at stake.

Business interpreters –their task is to provide support in negotiating meetings with Polish counterparts, interpret during workshops or conferences, and assist during business travels and events.

Business translators – they can help you translate your website and localize your marketing campaign onto the Polish market so that your product hits your target groups. They can also assist with decoding contract agreements to make sure no small print is missed.

Sworn translations – required in Poland, this is an official translation of official documents, contracts and certificates, signed and stamped by a qualified translator.

Copywriting – writing marketing and advertising content in both Polish and English to ensure that publications, websites, marketing campaigns or advertising strategies are relevant to both the business model and Polish market expectations.

Our specialists can also assist in writing official letters and contracts as well as in understanding their content.

AUTHOR: Neadoo