Team@One will not only provide you with a UK landline telephone number that you can advertise to your clients and business partners. It will also assign a consultant to answer all incoming calls in your company name, acting as your company receptionist fluent both in English and Polish.

Additionally, and as per your instructions, the call can then be transferred through to any EU mobile or landline number. If you are preoccupied working or in a meeting, our customer service assistant can assure the client that their query will be resolved in a timely manner, register the message and forward it via text or email to the relevant person in your company. Within minutes, and with no missed connections, you will have all the information necessary to maintain a high standard customer service in your enterprise.

Call Answering Service – step by step

1. A customer calls your company number
2. Our consultants answer each call in the your company name
3. They inform the customer as per the instructions received from you
4. They request the caller’s contact details
5. They recap the conversation and record it in the system
6. They inform the customer about the call and the message taken.


– no missed connections – all calls are answered from Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
– the conversation and the customer details are duly noted and recorded
– based on the information received, you can prepare before calling your customer back

AUTHOR: Neadoo