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Did you know, that over 70% of companies lose business due to mishandled calls? As much as 79% of callers hang up when prompted to leave a message almost 90% of callers will not call back if their call is unanswered.

Team@One will provide you with a dedicated assistant to look after your telephone calls and help you stop losing business. They will act as a liaison between your company and your existing and potential clients. Always professional, they will receive all calls in the way that suits you, be it in English or Polish, and provide relevant information to your client as per your instructions. Depending on your needs and circumstances, they will handle your calls or transfer connections to relevant people in your company.

Our consultants:

– always present a professional front
– handle your calls as per your requirements and instructions
– register all incoming calls
– inform about a call transfer
– provide services both in English and in Polish

AUTHOR: Neadoo