• In these difficult times of austerity, eliminating unnecessary costs is vital for an effective running of a business. Quite frequently, the company profile does not require a large office space available full time, and the cost of renting an office full time can be a burden to the budget, especially for young enterprises.
    The best solution might be a part-time office space rental, where for a fraction of the cost, you can flexibly enjoy all the benefits that come with hiring a standard office. You can decide to choose a private space to work in peace and quiet, or a shared office to interact and enjoy a busy working office vibe.
    With part-time office rental, you will gain access to your workspace when you need it and pay only for the time and resources used.
    Our offer:

    • office space rental per hour
    • private offices with only two desks in
    • our receptionist’s assistance when you need it
    • computer at your disposal, if needed
    • fibre wi-fi internet connection
    • eco-friendly printing and photocopying facilities
    • a meeting room available
    • hot and cold drinks
    • free parking

    Additional options:

    • Company address and mail handling
    • London landline telephone number
    • Call answering and forwarding
    • Personal Assistant
    • Business translating and interpreting
AUTHOR: Neadoo