Being a company director is a full time job – you are the development strategist, the representative, and the decision maker. Your life is full of business commitments and responsibilities, however, while in the wild rush to build up your market presence, you should not forget to maintain the balance and to keep your private life private and separate from your career. The Directors’ Service Address service will help you do exactly that. It will enable you to keep your residential address different from your director service address and ensure that making it public will not affect your private life and security. Additionally, it will conveniently direct all your company related correspondence to the same address, where it will be:

  • Received and signed for if necessary
  • Left for personal collection
  • Forwarded via Royal mail or courier
  • Scanned and emailed
  • Securely stored

The Directors’ Service Address:

  • must not be a PO Box number unless it forms part of a full address
  • can be the same as the registered office address (but doesn’t have to be).
  • can be the same as the director’s home address
  • will appear on the public record
  • can be situated anywhere in the world, the director does not have to live there
  • can be a corporate address provided that this is a full address.

Virtual Office Service will guarantee:

  • official HMRC and Company House correspondence always collected at the same address
  • minimal risk of losing important letters or parcels
  • protection of your residential address
  • no unwanted people at your doorstep
AUTHOR: Neadoo