A company registered address is effectively an address for delivering documents, notifications and requests from the Companies House, HMRC or other relevant governing bodies. All limited companies must have such an address available for the incorporation purposes and the Public Registrar at Companies House will make it officially available to the public.

Keeping your company registered address different from your residential address is therefore important as it will help you protect your private details and keep them separate from your business. It will also stop the unsolicited mail and visitors arriving at your home address, as they will be all directed to your company registered address provided on your website and promotional material.

At Team@One we know how important time is when dealing with HMRC and Companies House correspondence, especially in the case of filing Annual Returns where delays mean fines and penalties. This is why we are here to ensure prompt and reliable delivery of your official mail as per your request:

  • Left for personal collection
  • Forwarded via Royal mail or currier
  • Scanned and emailed
  • Securely stored


  • It must be in the UK jurisdiction in which the Limited Company is incorporated: England, Scotland or Wales
  • It is to receive official company mail from Companies House and HMRC
  • It can be the same as the residential address
  • It must not be a PO Box address
  • Details are placed on public record to create corporate transparency


  • Increased credibility and prestige of your company
  • Security and confidentiality of your residential address
  • Maintaining life balance by separating your business and your private life
  • Eliminating the risk of clients knocking on your house door
  • London address enhancing the company’s global presence and international growth

This service is for:

  • All Limited Companies directors
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to open their company branch in the UK
AUTHOR: Neadoo