In the scope of this service, you will receive all advantages carried by a prestigious office address without the overwhelming cost of office space rental, as well as the possibility of including it on your company’s card, website and other promotional material. In addition, our trained and experienced reception staff will ensure that bank, client and contractor correspondence addressed to your company will be received, signed for, and stored or forwarded as per your preferences:

  • Left for personal collection
  • Forwarded via royal mail or currier
  • Scanned and emailed
  • Securely stored

Team@One can also sieve out all unnecessary marketing leaflets or letters and save you time to devote to what matters and to focus on developing global presence for your business.

  • A London correspondence address will enhance your company’s professional image
  • Guaranteed receipt of letters and packages and, if required, instant forwarding and safe storage

This service is for:

  • Limited companies registered at our address – Most of our clients for the Company Registered Address Service sign up for the Correspondence Address service. This convenient solution aims to ensure that all parcels are received and handled according to the client’s instruction and handed over to them in a timely manner.
  • Foreign companies planning to expand in the foreign market – A correspondence address is necessary to maintain contact with banks, company’s clients and contractors. Our offer will provide such an option for companies with foreign headquarters, who do business in the UK and recognise the importance of such a facility available to their stakeholders.
AUTHOR: Neadoo